Getting back into photography

We were lucky enough to go to the Caribbean for Christmas 2021. Whilst away I used my iPhone 12 Pro to take photographs of the beautiful islands and started to post them on my instagram page. I began to get some some fantastic comments back from people and realised how much I do love photography.

Aruba – The Caribbean

So since coming home the only thing that was putting me off was the out dated equipment in the cupboard. The old 2014 Nikon D3000 was now more than a dinosaur. In my wisdom I thought… buy a new lens. So the Nikon 200-500mm was purchased and the beast was attached to the dinosaur.

Absolutely loved what reach the lens gave me and started by photographing the birds in the garden. Like everyone else does, good you tube videos shows you the insight into what photographers of today are doing. I was shocked that in a ten year period how advanced things had got and now mirrorless cameras with a silent shutter? Hours of you tube videos followed.

Soon learned that my dinosaur camera body was letting me down with the capabilities of the lens. Seeing birds in flight photographs and knowing my camera would not be fast enough 😞 the answer was obvious. Upgrade the dinosaur.

Had to wait a while for availability but it was well worth it. The Nikon Z6ii is a mirrorless body and I am simply blown away by what it does and it will probably take me months to work it all out. Again more several hours of you tube videos (what would we do without it)

So here I am as a newbie again in the world of photography, excited to be getting out amongst nature and capturing some beautiful shots. Exciting times ahead 😆

One response to “Getting back into photography”

  1. If I remember rightly I bought you six months subscription to a photography magazine for one of your birthdays so will a little credit for just how good you are. Loving your birds Goddaughter xxxx


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