Nature Journal

Looking through websites and connecting to followers on instagram, I have come across people doing nature journals.  This will be a good way of doing small studies of fauna in order to build up the wildlife profile.  From the photographs I took last week I have decided to complete some small pieces using the photographs.  The first one I have done is a flower in the wild where the flowers have almost gone but left almost a skeleton dried plant in its place.  After sketching it out, I used watercolour on top.  Then ink, which I am not keen of.  Then I used my new ProMarkers and then scanned it into photoshop.  I googled the plant to try and find its latin name so I could add as a font over the top.  Then to my suprised learned that this is a posionus toxic plant to land grazers!!! I am going to return to the site tomorrow with the plant id app to make sure I have correctly identified it.