New Inspiration

Work on the blog and in general has dropped off a little, need some inspiration…

So a visit to Robert E Fullers gallery in Thixendale, Malton was just the thing.  Roberts works are amazing and was great to see the studio from where he produces many of his works.  He works from his own photography and media studies and is an expert in the field of wildlife.  Not only was I blown away by the scale of his gallery but also by the inspiration he gives to many wildlife enthusiasts.

What did I take away from this visit?  A desire and NEED to make more time to do the kind of things that I enjoy and to get out into the countryside with my camera (and quite possibly a new lens) and produce more watercolour / mixed media pieces.

Robert had an original painting on display of a Peregrine Falcon which inspired me to create the next piece in my wildlife collection.

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