Digital Art

Back in the day (18/20 years ago) I was pretty good at using Adobe Photoshop as this was part of my graphics project at University.  So I thought I would revisit it and wow… the times have changed!! The basics are there but my word there are tons new stuff.

Good old YouTube came to the rescue and talked me through a few things to refresh my memory.  I have downloaded a 7 day trial version to see if its what I would like to go into and I think I am going to purchase the Photoshop Elements 2108.  It looks a little more basic and easier to use but I think I will be able to get the desired effects I am looking for using this programme.

Here are a couple of clipping mask images using photographs I took years ago in my kitchen using a make shift photo studio (desk lamps).  Can’t wait to get started on experimenting with styles and effects.

Leopard Gecko

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