Just not feeling it?

Green Anole

After doing the Leopard Gecko and the Sea Turtle I just wasnt feeling it?….

So I turned to Instagram and google and spent a few days researching and looking at other peoples work and trying to get inspiration.  I cam across a few artists that were using features such as plants and skulls to go alongside the animal.  So I set to work doing the crested gecko sat on the leaves and then other leaves coming out across the page.  Still staying with the splatter effect as I did not want to change totally.  My latest one the Green Anole sat beneath the flowers is quite possibly my favourite and I would like to explore this theme more…

Here are my latest works

Bearded Dragon
Blue Tongue Skink
Crested Gecko
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Sea Turtle
Leopard Gecko
Green Anole