Etsy Shop Open

Etsy Shop Open

After much research I have decided to open an Etsy shop in order to try and sell my prints.  The Epson A3 scanner I bought does an amazing job at 600dpi to give me a copy of my original artwork.  I have watermarked the scanned image before I have uploaded them onto both the blog and Etsy.

I have also linked the Etsy shop to Pintrest, Instagram and Twitter, which I thought would save me a great amount of time. So looking forward to the first few sales I have ordered from Ebay the card backed A4 envelopes and cellophane slips, what I have forgotten is card to place the print on before its put into the cellophane.  Also Business cards!! I will get these ordered today on Vista Print.  I was thinking about a personal thank you message on the reverse of the business card??  But then would I only be able to use them for packaging my prints?  Would seem bizzare to hand someone a business card and it say thank you on the back?  Maybe 2 lots of cards need to be ordered?

Ok so as its like nearly 30 degree heat outside then I guess it gives me opportunity to get the rest of my listings on Etsy and get the business cards done.  Even me as a sun worshipper is finding this heat a bit draining.

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