Old stuff from back in the day

So I have had a dig about in some old folders upstairs and wow what a load of crap I have kept over the years.  The stuff I thought I had is not there but I managed to photograph a few bits to show the style of stuff I was working on 18 years ago.

My photography work:  I developed my own prints in the darkroom and worked with photo sensitive emulsion, painted onto paper and then the image exposed on top.  I have great memories of spending hours in a red lit room excited to see the end result.  Very much an art which the digital age has killed.

My Jewellery work:  Working with silver and other media, Not much evidence is left of my work although at my end of year show when I graduated I remember selling a fair bit of my work and also giving away to family members.

My printmaking work:  Here are some examples of the etchings and screen prints, again these are not examples of my best pieces, just what is simply left after 18 years of moving house etc.

Random other stuff I found in the depths of my spare room

So…. not much there to show but, what a blast from the past.  Brought back some good memories and part of me wishes I could do it all again now I have more time on my hands and a much better understanding of life.

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