The first three

Once I had sourced the images to work from I started to sketch out the paintings using a HB pencil.  These are done on A3 Watercolour 300gsm paper purchased from Hobby Craft.

These are photographs of the finished paintings. A Hare, Carp and a Barn Owl.  I used watercolour paint, white acrylic and ink pen to get this look.

With Father’s Day around the corner, my Dad had sent me a message saying how he loved my recent paintings after seeing them on social media, and he would love some for his wall at home.  Bingo perfect gift….I will get some prints done.  So off I went to the local printers and asked for the A3 originals reducing to A4 and printing on textured paper.  The printers rung me back that day with a price of £18 per print!! (cough) I really wasn’t expecting them to cost so much and I needed 3 doing and I still had frames to buy.  The printer said he could print them on normal paper for £8 per print so I agreed.  On Monday I went to collect the prints to find out that he had photographed the originals and printed them on a matt paper.  I wasn’t happy as detail had been lost and they were a slightly different colour 😦

Well I framed them up and they dont look half bad.  Although myself and Adrian then had a conversation about investing in a large canvas printer and decent scanner if I were to sell any of my prints. (research still continues, any recommendations appreciated)


One response to “The first three”

  1. One very talented young woman can’t wait to see more x m


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